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Walking Learning Assistant

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Type: Harnesses & Leashes
Material: Polyester
Age Range: 10-12 months,13-18 months,19-24 months
Pattern Type: Geometric
Load Bearing: 18kg
Size: 52 CM-62 CM

Product Detail
This safety harness is amazing like no other, it has multiple uses, complete with anchor straps for high chairs and strollers..
Suitable for use as walking harness, in a pram, stroller, buggy, chair or high chair.
Preventing toddlers from climbing out of high chairs or strollers, or sliding around seats can be difficult.
Suitable as a walking harness, will keep your toddler secure.
* Polyester composite thin sponges
* Keeping toddlers from climbing out of high chairs, strollers or sliding around seats can be very difficult
* Adjustable Size: 52 CM-62 CM
* Great for walking in crowded areas
Package Content
1 X Safety Harness
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble BagMY08491(1)_144337MY08491(4)_144340MY08491(2)_144338MY08491(3)_144339MY08491(5)_144341MY08491(6)_144342MY08491(7)_144343




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